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Maximise Your Full Potential.

Performance focused Physiotherapy and Strength and Conditioning

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Welcome to QMD Physiotherapy and Performance, a personalised physiotherapy and strength and conditioning studio based in Thornbury.   


My name is Quan Dang and I am the owner and sole practitioner at QMD Physiotherapy and Performance.  I’ve been working as a physiotherapist for more than 20 years and as a certified strength and conditioning coach for 7 years.  


 I love what I do and I approach the task of assisting my clients with a strong sense of dedication and commitment. Seeing my clients achieve results is what it’s all about for me.



We are performance focused.

At QMD Physiotherapy & Performance we define performance as getting the most out of your body.


We help our clients build strong, healthy bodies so they can live life to the fullest.

No matter what your age, no matter if you compete at the highest level of your sport or whether you need to run after your grandchildren, a body that is strong and resilient will be your greatest asset.

Recover from injury faster and feel the best you’ve ever felt with our professional team working by your side.

The QMD Physiotherapy and Performance difference

At QMD Physiotherapy and Performance our focus is to get you from injury to high performance.

Our unique three-stage process of Physiotherapy, Clinical Strengthening and Strength and Conditioning allows our clients to achieve and sustain exceptional results. 


Our physiotherapists are experts in injury management and treatment. Our assessments are thorough and our treatments are planned.


We will ensure that you are back doing what you love, at the highest level, as soon as possible.


Research shows that one of the most effective ways to treat pain and recover from injury is to strengthen the body. This is a missing component of many rehab programs.


We will create a clinical strengthening program specific for you and will be with you as you complete the program.


Your level of strength and conditioning can be the difference between failure and success in achieving your goals in  sport, work and life. 


Our experienced coaches will arm you with tailored programs and work by your side to ensure you reach your goals, whether it’s feeling the best you’ve ever felt or winning that championship.

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